The Many-Arrows War

Close Encounters of the Illithid Kind

C'thall Defeated

Wesley looks up to see a larger-than-normal mindflayer hovering above him in the cavern. He becomes frozen as he feels his body start to fade in and out of the Material Plane, as though the creature was willing him into the Astral Plane. Wesley begins a battle of wills against the mindflayer, but is ultimately unable to contribute to the fight.

Meanwhile, one of the drow prisoners has awoken. Pin Chi sprays the drow with a geyser from his Decanter of Endless water, which sharpens the drow’s senses. It remembers little, having been drained of much of its psychic energy, but it does know that it hates the mindflayer and that it wants to seek revenge for what it has done to it and its fellow drow, who all still remain in a vegetative state.

The group hurries outside the ship, and Amicus notes that whatever is hovering above Wesley is just an illusion. He quickly spots the real mindflayer standing on a ledge high above them on the cavern wall to their left. He points and yells out the mindflayer’s location.

The drow, who remembers not his name, joins the fight immediately, leaving the ship and seemingly teleporting up to the mindflayer, managing to catch the illithid offguard and land a critical hit.

For the moment, though, the illithid ignores the drow and instead focuses on the adventurers that are grouped close together outside the ship. C’thall emits a powerful psychic mind blast at them, but only Oskaar succumbs to its maddening effects, as he becomes stunned and incapacitated by the psionic energies reverberating through his mind.

Meanwhile, both Pin Chi and Ander climb quickly to the top of the nautiloid ship in order to get closer to the mindflayer. Ander throws his blink dagger, missing the target, while Pin Chi looks for a way to maneuver up toward the mindflayer’s location. However, through it all, it seems as though the mindflayer is able to anticipate their every movement.

Jain stays by Oskaar, keeping her childhood friend healed while he wrestles internally with the mindflayer’s psychic powers.

Suddenly, the whole room begins to reverberate and hum as the brain-hive mass on the wall emits a pink aura wave of psionic energy. Everyone feels as though something is picking at their minds, as though something were trying to take away from them minor memories. Only four members of the group succumb to the effect, and a split-second later, four Intellect Devourers emerge from the base of the brain hive and scurry up the side of the nautiloid engine toward Pin Chi and Ander.

Amicus, in response, summons a thundercloud that fills the top of the cavern. From it, he calls down lightning onto the mindflayer who is preoccupied with the drow, who continues to slash away at the illithid.

Back down by the ship, Oskaar remains psychically stunned, unable to pull himself out of his stupor. Jain continues to stay by him, offering up prayers to Moradin to keep him healed.

The mindflayer, getting annoyed with the drow that has managed to somehow bloody him, turns toward his former prisoner and wraps its tentacles around the drow’s head, pulling the dark elf close. The drow immediately goes numb and becomes incapacitated, completely vulnerable to the mindflayer’s maw that seeks to extract the drow’s brain. Amicus calls down another lightning bolt to try to distract the mindflayer, but to no avail.

Pin Chi and Ander, meanwhile, engages with the Intellect Devourers, managing to take a couple out, but again the brain pulses, memories are lost, and four more walking brains emerge from the base of the brain hive. One of the Intellect Devourers manages to temporarily psychically possess Pin Chi, causing the samurai fighter to attack Ander.

Ultimately, the body of the drow goes limp as the tentacles of the mindflayer withdraw from the dark elf’s head, revealing a removed scalp and an empty cranium. The drow falls lifeless at the mindflayer’s feet, and C’thall now turns his full attention at the remaining adventurers, now feeling suddenly unsure about his chances for survival.

However, Pin Chi manages to pull himself back into his rightful mind and exorcise the Intellect Devourer, cutting down several of the walking brains just as Ander was about to fall victim to the same effect. Just as Amicus prepares to pull down another lightning bolt, Pin Chi hurls his silver sword through the air up toward the mindflayer. It spins through the air, catching the light of the lightning glowing in the storm cloud at the top of the cavern. A moment later, the sword is embedded in the cavern wall behind the mindflayer. Blue ooze drips off the blade onto the ground. The mindflayer falls to the ground, headless.


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