The Many-Arrows War

Closed Gates: Part One

The Path Back into Gauntlgrym

Using the remaining energy of his storm cloud, Amicus and the others completely obliterate the brain hive, reducing it to a large pile of pink ooze.

After checking the area for any other threats and gathering their things, the group decides, under Jain’s guidance, to return back to Gauntlgrym. Pin Chi harvests the mindflayer’s brain per Koshin’s request, and Oskaar, now fully alert and awake, finds two powerful crystals on C’thall’s body. The group also decides it best to take one of the dead Intellect Devourers as proof to King Bruenor Battlehammer of what has happened to his city.

They then set off, traveling back up the tunnel, into the Shrine of Sacrilege, and making the long trek back to the lower gates of the city of Gauntlgrym.

When they arrive there, however, they find that the gates are sealed and locked. When Jain knocks and yells out for someone to answer, using all the code words and signals that she knows, she finds no response – only silence.

Growing increasingly worried, she initially does not know what to do.

When the group suggests simply breaking down the gate, she scoffs at the idea, noting that the gates are made out of forged titanstone – breakable only by titanstone that is wielded with great strength. Then her eyes widen as she is struck by an idea. She informs the group of an ancient weapon, hidden far below the city of Gauntlgrym and to be used by citizens of Gauntlgrym only in times of great emergency. Jain is unsure if the weapon is a myth or not, but having spent much time in Gauntlgrym’s ancient library, she is aware of its location, but unsure of what dangers may be waiting inside.

Reluctantly, the group decides getting the weapon, which Jain calls “the Titanstone Golem”, is a better option than traveling through the Underdark to find another way to the surface or into the city.

They camp outside the gates for the night, hearing nothing throughout their watches. In the morning they set out for the long-forgotten dungeon that’s hidden deep beneath the city. Several hours into their travel as they go down, down, down, they get the distinct impression that they have passed into the Underdark, as the caverns they pass through become larger and larger.

Finally, Jain leads them up one tunnel that seemingly ends in a dead-end, but the dwarf cleric waves her hand against the rock and ancient runes start to glow a deep blue. She begins praying in dwarvish to Moradin, and moments later, the wall turns into a door which opens inward.

Before them, they see a long hallway that is suddenly illuminated by braziers that light themselves as they walk in. Between eight pillars that fill the room are several humanoid skeletons, including a larger one that looks like it may have belonged to a minotaur. At the end of the hallway is an armored statue that begins speaking, “Who enters? What is your purpose for being here?” They reply accordingly, noting that they are from Gauntlgrym. “Who in Gauntlgrym do you serve?” the statue asks. They answer, “Bruenor Battlehammer.” The statue replies that it knows not that name, and commands them to prove themselves.

The skeletons animate to life and begin attacking the adventurers.

Amicus casts fairie fire at the skeletons, but also hits the armored statue which then steps forward and begins attacking as well. The skeletons are quick work for the group, and soon, the the armored statue is defeated as well.


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