The Many-Arrows War

The Iron Tabernacle

Spiders, Driders, and Liars: Oh my!

After arriving at the Gates of Gauntlgrym, the group is quickly surrounded and taken into the city where they are put in prison cells that make them unnaturally tired and docile. The next morning they are brought before the lord of Gauntlgrym, King Bruenor Battlehammer, to answer for their trespassing into the city. There they are informed that the stone giant they had slain had been permitted by Battlehammer to dwell near the secret entrance into the city to act as a guard against intruders.

Cedrik Runecarver, the king’s pale and monotonous assistant, suggests that they atone for their sins at the Iron Tabernacle, the city’s center of worship deep within Gauntlgrym. The king, who seems distracted and vexed by other matters, agrees with Cedrik and instructs Jain Fireforge, a female cleric who keeps a fire beetle as a pet, to lead them to the Iron Tabernacle.

Not long later, the group arrives at the great entrance hallway into the Iron Tabernacle where statues of the thirteen gods of the dwarf pantheon are arranged before them: six on each side of the hallway with a great statue of Moradin at the end of the hall where the temple splits into its two great wings.

Jain and her fire beetle bring the group in front of the statue of Dumathoin, dwarven god of buried secrets, and the group soon realizes that around the statue has been enchanted a zone of truth. Jain inquires as to why they have come into Gauntlgrym and quickly comes to the conclusion that they do not form a threat to the king or the city.

As they are about to head back to the Vault of Kings, Jain realizes that the guards who are supposed to be stationed at either wing of the Tabernacle are nowhere to be seen. She heads up the hall to check on their whereabouts and sees that the shrine room of Abbathor has been broken into. The group agrees to inspect the room with her and they find the missing guards – dead and bound in webbing. Looking around the room, they see that the shrine room has been marred and turned into a shrine to Lolth, the drow goddess of spiders.

A swarm of spiders begins surrounding them as well as a large spider that phases in and out of the material plane. They attack the spiders and it does not take them long to realize that these spiders are being controlled by a drider, a half-drow, half-spider monstrosity. The group manages to defeat the spiders and the drider, but not without serious injury.

Jain leads them back to the king where they report that one of the shrine rooms of the Iron Tabernacle has been defiled. The king’s face grows resolved, and he shouts out that the defilement of the city needs to be brought to an end, once and for all. Cedrik attempts to hide a sly grin.


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